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States Can’t Weight

The 2nd annual ObesityWeek meeting in Boston, November 2-7, 2014, is an opportunity to increase public awareness and understanding of this global public health problem, which happens to particularly affect the United States. And since election season is upon us, this 2014 edition could have an immense impact.

As the world’s leading connected health company, Withings wants to be proactive and shed a different light on the topic. This is why we are happy to introduce

More than a state-level map, is an empowering experience. It allows you to uncover some of the ins and outs of the obesity epidemic, engage your local politicians on the issue, and get involved on a personal level.

Are you ready to weigh in on obesity and become an agent of change?

1Hover over the map to display the obesity statistics in the United States of America

2Check out this state-by-state ranking of obesity and overweight rates


3Uncover correlations between obesity and certain factors

Interesting CorrelationsTo better understand the obesity epidemic, select a state and a standard of comparison. This will highlight your selected state and allow you to visualize the relationship between the obesity rate and selected indicator. Click through all the different options to provide an in-depth look at factors that influence obesity rates.



circle sizes are based on state's population


4Fighting obesity on a personal and on a political level

As obesity rates continue to soar throughout the USA, there are several things we can do on a local level to play our part in helping to stop the epidemic.

On a personal level we encourage you to keep the following tips in mind.

Eat fresh !
Whenever possible, choose fresh fruits and vegetables.

Eat in !
Processed foods usually contain more sugar, fat and salt than the average home made meal.

Eat better !
Resist the urge to eat at unhealthy fast food joints just for their convenience.

Here are a few ways you can engage local politicians.

More bikes !
Push for better state funding for bike paths and safe sidewalks.

More parks !
Push for better state funding for parks and green space to support active lifestyles.

Better education !
Push for better health education policies and funding.

Healthy options !
Push for better funding in schools for healthy breakfast, lunch and snack options.

In fact, many cities and states such as St Louis, San Francisco and Oklahoma City have already taken several strides toward combatting obesity.

  • Oklahoma City (OK)

    Withings had the opportunity to sit down with Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett for an exclusive interview. We learned about his success in putting Oklahoma City on a diet and helping the city to shed over 1,000,000 pounds!

    MayorCornettsharedwith us somewords of wisdom. “To draw attention to the [obesity] issue, and to put a littlehumor and fun to the topic, I went to the zoo, stood in front of the elephants and announcedthat I wasplacing the entire city on a diet and thatweweregoing to lose a million pounds collectively.”

    “It evolvedinto us realizingthat the builtenvironmentwas a significant part of the culture of our city thatthathadactuallyled to the obesity and so, by having the awarenesscampaign first, wewerethen able to takesome initiatives in front of voters and they in turnvoted to startchangingfrom an auto centriccommunity to one thatwas more pedestrian friendly.”

  • St Louis (MO)With a goal of reducing the obesity rate in St. Louis by 5% by 2018, the city put in place an obesity plan, which includes making sure schools are a hub for healthy choices and obesity prevention education.
  • San Francisco & Berkeley (CA)Two cities making headway in the fight against sugary beverages. The November elections will include an opportunity to vote for a tax on the sale of all sodas (2 cents per ounce to help fund programs dedicated to combatting childhood obesity).
We’ve given you examples of three cities paving the way for a healthier America. What will you do to help combat obesity?

As we would like our initiative to have a big impact, we found two means for you to participate:

Join the “Steps For Change” challenge!

Tweet against obesity!
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